The studio is closed Dec 21, 2012 – Jan 6, 2013. Regular schedule starts from Jan 7, 2013.

Why Yoga Prague

At Yoga Prague you will find two experienced instructors with an exceptional approach to Yoga: Aruna Singhvi and Jiří Čumpelík.

Yoga practiced as it is meant to be

Yoga is for everyone. No expertise is required or claimed. At Yoga Prague, Yoga is practiced neither as an exercise, nor as an Asana contest. The difference in Yoga at Yoga Prague is the sequencing of postures from head to toe, sitting to standing, creating a gentle flow and opening up the body until it is ready to move deeper in the positions. Yoga practiced in harmony with the body will help you reconnect with yourself.

An individual approach

We take special care to help you recognise and focus on your specific needs. Our goal is to achieve greater flexibility and healing of your body and ultimately for your mind. As the number of participants in a class is limited, there is room for us to devote sufficient time to everyone. If you continue with your Yoga practice on a regular basis, you will be able to see the progress yourself and eventually you will feel the benefits in your everyday life.

Classes for every need

In our schedule, you will find classes where we give more attention to those starting with Yoga. However, all classes are open to everyone, regardless of ability and experience. We make sure that by the end of each class you feel you have made some progress. In accordance with the traditional way of practicing Yoga, there are no 'levels' of Yoga and each participant practices according to his/her individual ability.

Regular classes include traditional Hatha Yoga and pre-natal classes. Classes on Fridays and weekends are reserved for those who prefer to have private sessions structured to their specific needs.

A calm and relaxing studio

Airy and light, the studio is a peaceful and spacious place. It has become an established Yoga centre in Prague and is located in the city centre within easy access of public transportation.


You are welcome to try our approach to Yoga.

Check the schedule and get started.